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We do have pilot ranks based on hours, but there are NO rank limitations for airframes. This means that you can fly any airframe you like, at any rank. You can also substitute any airframe for another. As avid flight simulation pilots ourselves over many years, we have realized that there is nothing as off-putting as joining a Virtual Airline and then being unable to fly your preferred aircraft due to your low starter rank. We have therefore eliminated the rank-airframe limit system, and you will be able to fly long-haul routes with the heavies from day one, if you wish.

We also allow full airframe substitution. This means that you are free to fly your favorite addons. Our only requirement is that it be at least somewhat realistic. If you want to fly your PMDG 747 on a flight between Johannesburg and Cape Town – no problem! Have fun! However, for obvious reasons that same airframe cannot be used to fly from Cape Town to George. You get the idea.

Because our airframes are not rank-dependent, members can fly any airframe at any rank. For this reason, we do not facilitate any hour transfers between VA’s

Finally – have fun! Flight Simulation is about enjoying what you’re doing without too much red tape, but without sacrificing the realism and immersion.

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